150 Poems from the Heart: Bible Poems

"Paul Revenson loves to share the Gospel in music and poetry, and
he does it with passion and conviction. You will find spiritual comfort and encouragement here."
-David Epstein, Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, N.Y.C.

"Paul Revenson's poems are Biblically based and quite imaginative. They brim with truth and common sense, plus interesting rhymes. They are a great devotional source."
-Frank Boggs, First recording vocal artist,
Word Records. Smyrna, Ga.

"The poet has the uncanny talent to express the Christian worldview
in both classical and contemporary f lair. Each poem will speak to your heart and mind, and give you a deeper understanding of what it means to be a 'child of God'."
-Brenda Milliner - N.Y.C. urban missionary.


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