Jericho's Adventures in Navajoland

Jericho is a young Navajo boy living in Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation. He and his family live with few modern conveniences. They don't have hot and cold running water, electricity or a telephone. Jericho has no computer games or virtual friends on the internet because he doesn't have a computer or the internet. Jericho only has a few store bought toys but he has a puppy dog and lots of real friends and animals to play with.

Jericho and his family live on the largest Indian Reservation in North America. Much of the land is still wild which is why it is still home to many wild animals. In more than 700 years living here, the Navajos have learned the natural laws well. They teach their children the signs of danger, safety and of seasonal gifts from the land like Navajo tea, pine nuts, and mountain strawberries. Jericho finds learning about the land exciting and rewarding. He has already learned how to show respect for the wild and how to live in harmony with it. The Navajos call that, walking in beauty.

Jericho loves his family. Notice his willingness to walk miles to help his grandmother. Come along with Jericho, enjoy his adventures, and learn about Navajo life as we all walk in beauty on Navajoland.


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