Songs I Sing

Songs I Sing is the raised curtain to a woman, wife, mother, and leader who writes poetry because she must. These one–hundred–plus songs-simple, sweet, sacred, serious, silly, and sensual-seek to upturn every stone in the readers' heart, resonate in the readers' mind, and coax a repartee that reflects the impact of the poet's thoughts, her experiences, her aspirations, her principles. Set to the melody of self–reflection, the rhythm of purposeful living and the tempo of tolerance, Songs I Sing speaks first and foremost to the author, demanding of herself honesty and forthrightness and shunning the unexamined life. A humble exploration of rhyme and prose, reason and rhetoric, commentary and confession, this second book of poetry by B. Germain Reynolds catalogs her love relationship with words and coerces the listener to erupt in song-songs that anyone can sing.


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