Dark secrets and hidden rooms

Wizard spells and danger looms

Archers' arrows and soldiers' swords

Mysterious riddles and hidden doors

Ravenous creatures and magical books

A sea of glass through which they look

A little princess and her forest friends

Must save the kingdom before the end.

A magical journey to a far, far away kingdom, filled with mystery, riddles, and danger.

After surprisingly discovering that she really is a princess from a far, far away kingdom, Katlyn is joined by forest friends on an adventure of a lifetime. On their quest to save the Cherry Tree Kingdom from the evil Dark Lord and his evil soldiers, they must solve riddles, seek out mysterious spell books, and face many dangers. While fleeing soldiers with swords, archers with arrows, and the ravenous Silver Wolf and Red Fox, the battle continues to try to break the spells of the Evil Dark Lord and save the kingdom from imminent doom.


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