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A Divided Family

After the cannons of Charleston, South Carolina, fired upon Fort Sumter and started American Civil War, the Dugan family became a divided family. Jay Dugan took off to fight for the Confederate States of America while his younger brother, Billy, took off to fight for the Union. Billys and Jays parents, Charles and Emma, along with their two daughters, Callie and Bessie, a runaway slave named Tandey, and Jays girlfriend, Lucy, move to the Dakota Territory to escape the War Between the States. After arriving in the Dakota Territories, they all realized they had made a serious mistake moving there when the entire Sioux Nation went on the warpath. With the odds heavily stacked against them, would the Dugan familys survival skills and love for one another help them survive the War Between the States and a Sioux uprising and become a united family again or would they forever be a divided family?


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