A Monkey Called Doodle

Way down, in the deepest part of the forest lives a little mischievous, green-eyed monkey named Doodle. He is always trying to do the right thing but growing up is not easy, especially in the jungle. By making mistakes, Doodle learns the important things in life, like being responsible. Losing little brother is not a good thing, which Doodle discovers.
Read about the unwelcome visit of hunters and the mystery of the shiny stones left scattered around the swamp. Not all jungle animals are friendly, as reported by Doodle and his friends. See how even good little monkeys can do the wrong things.
Experience the wild adventures of Doodle and his friends, with the excitement of new discoveries and evil dangers that lie hidden in caves. Special bonds form between Doodle and the creatures of the forest. Jaws, the alligator, protects all the little monkeys from the hunters and informs animals of any dangers along the swamp. Snout, the elephant, is always on guard for his little friends in the jungle. Experience all of Doodle's escapades.
Each chapter teaches Doodle to be a wiser and better little monkey. When things are too tough for Doodle to understand, he can always count on Hooter, the wise old owl, to tells it like it is.
This is a child's storybook for children ages five to young adult and the story ends with a little monkey poem!


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