Amongst Giants Revealed

My latest book, Amongst Giants Revealed, is a more personal approach to my worldviews with regard to politics, religion, and to the polar forces in life. I also included some rants within my works, which includes a twelve-day diary in August and a nine-day tangent in November. In Part 3 of my new book, I added the poems I had left out of the first book I had published in July of 2017, Through My Eyes Frame by Frame. In addition, I have many poems within that are written as gifts to friends, and also, I included a couple of personal letters written in poetic fashion to the person I admire and love most in my life. It took me six months to write Part 1 of the book, and I spent countless days and nights pouring out my soul as best I could! I take a lot of pride in what I've accomplished in the past couple of years and hope you get just as much out of my personal experiences I have had in writing about them. I have taken a different approach in writing this book and have changed and adapted to a different style of writing in many of my works. I've definitely matured throughout this whole process and have learned much about my own life and will stop at nothing to spill my innermost feelings about many topic matters. These poems consist of personal experiences that all of my readers can definitely relate to and can become fully engrossed and engaged in the topic matters. Hopefully, the material you're about to read can be therapeutic and eye-opening to what is really going on in the world we live in today.


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