An American Prophecy

These days it's difficult to ignore the ever-increasing news and media reports delivered to us regarding worldwide events The Intention of this story is not to promote fear regarding these events, instead bring hope and possibly compel you to understand why these things are happening and how it may affect your life. In ancient times God commissioned certain individuals to speak and write messages to warn and instruct concerning the times both current and ahead. These were called Prophets, some false, but most sent from divine intervention. Although fictional, this story incorporates the hard facts of current events with some very alarming and enlightening messages from Bible prophecy. Nations are presently challenged by recent occurrences. The story here leads up to a series of catastrophic events taking the entire world into the brink of war and destruction. Yet even a greater deception is lurking. Is there any way to avert such things or maybe just be properly prepared for the inevitable? This exiting fiction will take you on a journey which you have to actually travel. Will the words of the prophets both then and now help you?


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