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Bloodragon Chronicles: Volume One: Living Steel

A young hero sets off on a journey of revenge to avenge the only family he has ever known; an adopted group of patriarchal, militant giants. Revenge is thrust aside when the hero's quest turns into a journey of self-discovery; unlocking his mysterious mental powers, and leading him into a strange life of adventure, with even stranger adventuring partners. A mysterious priestess who can heal others, but spends the mornings helpless in the sun, absorbing light like a plant; a muscular Amazon warrior with gills in her neck that she keeps hidden from the world; a bungling thief that is so lucky he can even cheat death itself; and a mage that is so greedy, he will go to any lengths to increase his wealth and power.
The young hero realizes he may be on the same path as a previous hero of a long-lost age when he discovers an intelligent weapon; a sword fashioned by an unknown god and made from an alien alloy, known only as living steel. The discovery of this strange and cursed artifact seems to coincide with a rising army of humanoid creatures and the dalliance of gods with mortals. The young hero finally ends up in a personal conflict with the mages guild that stubbornly refuses to grant audience or release information. A new age is dawning and powers that struggled ages ago will once again take up the gauntlet of conquest.


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