Blue Waters

Terrified and feeling helpless, Blue knew that hiding under the bed would not protect her from the violent killers roaming through the home. Moments earlier, Blue had just helped her friend escape out of the second-story bedroom window, but she was now trapped in that same bedroom with no means of escape.

Blue Waters, possessing a quirky name given to her by her free-spirited parents, is an unassuming contract attorney whose very average life has just been upended by the recent death of her parents and a family secret that was taken to the grave.

In the midst of this life-changing event, Blue throws caution to the wind and suddenly finds herself engaged in a romantic fling that wasn't intended, a murderous cover-up that jeopardizes her life and the lives of her friends, and the uncovering of the family secret.

Filled with romance, suspense, and harrowing danger, Blue Waters is a nonstop roller-coaster ride with unexpected twist and turns that keep the reader wondering what comes next.


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