Chris Must Come Once a Year for All of the Boys and Girls


This is Gregory. I wrote this book, Chris Must Come Once a Year for All of the Boys and Girls, in loving memory of my son Jahiem Cummings. I would like to give you a small summary of my book if it's okay. Now, you are in my world. This is a love story about a boy named Chris and a girl named Mary. This book tells how they fell in love and how they both had love for all the children in the world. It tells how Chris grew up to become known to the people as Santa Claus. It also tells how the name Santa Claus and Chris Cringle first got started by the people. Now in this story, Chris and Mary were black. The story tells how Chris worked for a toy maker by the name of Mr. Cringle Claus and how Chris repaired toys and gave them to the black families for their children. It tells how the townspeople outlawed him because of what he did, but later accepted him because of all the things he did and the way he did them. It also tells how the people got him to deliver toys to all of the children that lived in the town and village. This book tells you about the first snowman and the Christmas stockings. It tells you about the red and white suit that he wore, the deer, the sleigh, the Christmas tree, the bells, the mistletoe, and why the people put a big green wreath with a red bow on their door. Now would you believe the first Christmas lights were candles with artificial fire on them that were made out of glitter of all colors that reflected its colors when any light shines on them. It tells how Chris made the Holidays happy and a whole lot more. Now look, I'm not going to tell you anymore about the story, you will have to read the book. I do want you to know that Santa Claus comes in all races. Santa could be male or female, you see in my life Santa was my mother, that's right, a strong black woman. Her name is Ms. Georgia Lee Cummings. In yours or other people's lives, Santa might have been a man. Santa can be a he or a she, Santa is really anyone who makes sure there were toys left under the tree in your home for you or yours. I say to you, go on and make the Holidays in your life some Happy Holidays!

Now from me to you, Happy Holidays!


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