Confessions of a Caddie

Welcome readers, I would like to personally introduce you to Confessions of a Caddie.

First and foremost, this is a book about the most wonderful sport ever invented. The game of golf. It can be rewarding, joyous, raise your aspirations and self-esteem with one swing!! Then turn on you the next. Like a monster, leaving you shamed, embarrassed, frustrated, ready to quit. As if somehow you had miraculously turned into the notorious Greek statue by Alexandros Venus Di Milo. Golf is at best a fickle mistress. The devil is in the details and the details are in this book.

Riviera Country Club is one of our nation's oldest country clubs. Designed by George C. Thomas, 1926. The name Riviera alone can bring shaky knees to even the most seasoned golfers. Home to the L.A. Open, (still called that by L.A. locals even after years of huge corporate sponsorship) It has also been host to the majors U.S. Open as well as multiple P.G.A. Championships. As of October 2017, Golf Magazine rated Riviera #38th in the world!! And for decades has been ranked in the top 50 world-wide by various publications.

There is humor to be sure. The caddie shack, the course itself, members and staff, some who are famous in their own right. Along with a multitude of celebrities, each with story or anecdote about our encounter. For over 5 and one-half years I was fortunate to work, play, AND get paid to perform at a game I loved. Those truly were the best years of my life.

So please, do sit back, relax read and enjoy, and remember, everything you read in this book is true.

Sincerely Mitchell J. Mesko

A.K.A. The Mitchell Man.


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