Deception: Introduction to an Italian Saga Brought to Life

Deception’ based on a true story of abuse

A child’s revelation of being sexually or physically abused is not often spoken of openly in today’s society. Not getting the professional help needed to see these children through their ordeal causes them emotional, psychological, and mental harm with many enduring sleepless nights with recurring nightmares into their adult lives.

In today’s society, it is necessary for us to take notice to the way our children react and respond to any adult or caregiver since these are the people most likely to violate children given the opportunity. Not all friends, relatives, and caregivers are there to violate children, but there are some who will take advantage of the relationship as a safe harbor for their own self-gratification.

When children start to retell how they lost their childhood innocence, many members of their family suddenly find themselves in an endless nightmare. Many questions and doubts will be discussed back and forth among relatives and friends with the final question always being, ‘How could something of this nature happen to someone in our family without my knowledge?’

While you read ‘Deception‘ you will experience feelings of despair followed by feelings of hope, guilt followed by feelings of innocence, and hatred followed by feelings of love. You will witness the miracle of a life that was able to beat the odds and survive. You will follow him as he holds his mother's hand and leads her out of her darkness of night and into the light of a new day.

Since Domestic Violence has been brought to the forefront, many movies, articles, television shows, and books on domestic violence, physical abuse, and sexual abuse have been created; however, unless you have actually walked in the shoes of someone experiencing that kind of pain and suffering, you have no knowledge of the terrible effect upon any one of those individuals.

The purpose of writing ‘Deception’ is to give encouragement to those suffering abuse, to touch and help heal the wounded hearts and minds of those individuals and their families who are suffering physical and or sexual abuse. I hope to reach those who are alone in their suffering and try to show them that they can and should let someone into their world. I pray this book will help enable them to break the chains linking them to their abuser and escape their world of bondage. If my book only reaches one person and allows them to realize that they are not responsible for the conditions they live under, if only one soul is healed by putting the blame on their captor and not themselves, then its purpose will have been served.

This subject is of immense importance to me and our society so I created this novel, based on a true story, with the names and locations changed to protect the children. My daughter and I have lived through and are still dealing with the problems left by an abuser. While reading ‘Deception’ you will get an upfront view and family opinions of a subject that is at times not discussed when it occurs in a family. Due to the embarrassment that such a crime took place without the parents realizing their child was being sexually abused most families no longer know how to act, what to do or how to handle daily life. When the predator happens to be a guardian or parent, it is twice as painful and dehumanizing for the child knowing these are the people that they expect to protect them. At times, children who are sexually abused will accept this as the norm thinking there is nothing wrong in what is being done to them all the while feeling embarrassed and not quite right. Unfortunately, if not helped, they will do the same to their own children. Sexual abuse is not passed on from one generation to the next through genes; it is passed on to the next generation as common practice creating the possibility of it remaining within the family dynamics for generations to come.


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