Evillan's Secret

Sahara and Carisa are lifelong friends who have lived in the same kingdom for their entire lives. The girls were polar opposites; Sahara was cunning and definitely not one to mess with while Carisa was kind and very girly. Despite their differences, the two couldn't live without each other. One day, after school, the two decide to head out to their special forest. They laugh and have fun until they discover something that will surely change their lives forever. Sahara and Carisa stumble upon four ponds and a little wooden shack in their forest and decide to investigate. When the two stepped into the ponds, they ended up binding little stones to themselves and managed to get two old witches to become aggressive. They soon are taken to an orphanage - their heads void of any of their past memories - and have to rely on each other in a flurry of nightmarish dreams and a snobbish young girl who tries to make their lives at the orphanage terrible. Sahara and Carisa start to focus on their powers more and try harder to figure out how to control their visions. Sahara and Carisa experience short adventures in their own minds and embrace their abilities. The two explore a limbo-like state, and they see each other's main powers. Eventually, the two are taken in by a family friend that works to help the young girls discover more about their abilities and how to control them, but when the girls must flee from the safety of Lia's home, how will they survive with the monsters and other keepers that wish to steal their power?


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