Fear drives us though we deny it. We assume that having moved out of the wild predation is one thing we no longer need to fear, but that was healthy fear and that has been replaced by irrational fear which is anything but healthy. This irrational fear motivates us and often determines our choices. Those who are most aware of this use it to their own ends. Some have concluded that it is human's less than noble side that has brought us many times to the brink of destruction, but the opposite is true. It is our vulnerable side that has brought us here. It is, therefore, imperative that we, as humans, wake up to this fact, because those most adept at tapping into our irrational fear manipulate us to make choices that without such manipulation would be seen as insane. Fear is closely associated with ignorance and now that the world has grown too large to be privy to all that is happening our lack of knowledge enables predators to use our ignorance to determine what it is we fear no matter how irrational. In the wild we learned to live with predators; we drank from the same watering holes and moved around while they slept. How did we do it? We came to know their habits and understand their behavior. It is time that we as humans learn to live with predators once again.


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