Five Kings and a Ghost

Some stories are considered make-believe while others are considered "real". The question that one must ask is, "What is real?". The conflicts that characters face in all tales are real enough. The choices they make and the outcomes that occur are certainly real. Choices are often contingent upon the current conflicts being faced, and that is undoubtedly real. Jack faced a giant who wanted to eat him while King Arthur faced Saxons who simply wanted to eat. Who is real and what is to be believed are questions that must submit to the stories themselves and the lessons that can be derived from them. They just might contain helpful clues as to how to face the conflicts of the modern age. There are children and adults who are easily spotted in the stories, but where is the wise one? Wisdom does not come easily, and is not easily seen. Readers are compelled to look for it. Reading like communication involves words and receptors. If the one receiving the words cannot decipher those words, their nuances and double-entendre, then one can easily miss what's there. The perspicuity of tales is like looking into a pool of water; the depth can be deceiving. A revisiting of five well-known kings in the light of the ghost that permeates the tales is here presented with the hope that wisdom can be found.

Five Kings and a Ghost is a continuation of the author's first book, A Rose is Never Just a Rose in Fairytales.


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