I'm Gonna Miss My Brother

This is the third children's book written and illustrated by James C. Vincent in his Beginning Cycles of Life series about a young girl named Rita and her brother, who she calls "Bubby". In this current installment, Rita experiences new emotions. Her brother goes with his paternal grandparents out of town for the weekend, and she stays with her maternal grandparents, while the parents take a short trip. Rita feels a deep sense of nostalgia and melancholy due to the realization that she loves her brother and thus misses his presence. The love a four-year-old girl feels towards her two-year-old brother is in contrast due to the difference in their ages and varying ways in which they each express themselves. This makes for an entertaining story full of sentiment and humor with a happy ending.

Artist, Illustrator, and Writer, James C. Vincent believes that reading to children and encouraging them to learn to read will always be a necessity to a child"s communication skills and mental growth. He maintains that there will never be any type of technology to replace these important qualities. Mr. Vincent enjoys reading his books to all children, especially his grandchildren. He feels that the best medicine for a good night"s sleep is an entertaining story.


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