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Jacob-Jo and The Ladder

Jacob-Jo came straight out of the backwoods and after seeing Jenny, the princess from the mansion, his mom told him about the mythical ladder and without him knowing it he began his climb. However in high school he became painfully aware of that ladder while he and Jenny were falling in love. Then their summer on the rodeo circuit ended when a bull broke Jacob-Jo's leg and his scholarship was put on hold for a year, but Jenny went to college. That split proved to be disastrous and Jacob-Jo joined the army then Jenny went on a Caribbean cruise, onboard a luxury liner. Second handed smoke from long marijuana reefers was Jenny's undoing and the harrows of war was Jacob-Jo's, and the split seemed to be forever. However circumstances and an undying love brought them back together again and it didn't take long for Jacob-Jo to join Jenny on top of that ladder. But he soon discovered he wasn't comfortable in that lofty place, and Jenny returned to the rodeo circuit with him.


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