Just Don't Seize the Day, Seize the Moment

I wrote my book partially because I've had a great life, and I've also have seen the other side of the fence. There were times in my life when I've found myself in poor health, broke, and homeless. I've traveled down some rough roads, but I had to come to a realization that I was to blame for my own mistakes and I had to dig deep within my own soul and dig myself out of my own problems. One of my biggest battles I've ever fought was when I was severely injured when I was on active duty in the United States Navy. It took me thirty-four years to get a 100% VA disability rating. I was brought to my knees, but I was able to rise up and face my own demons! My book contains quotations and short stories of my life, people I've come to know, and people I don't know at all except from watching documentaries, interviews, and also the evening news. But I've taken the time to listen to my family, friends, and also strangers that have touched my very soul. My main goal for writing my book is to do my part and help change our world. Remember: money isn't everything. It can pay your bills, but will you find true happiness? We also must have empathy towards our fellow man and woman; we must allow ourselves to walk in their shoes for a day. We also must have the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Plus, we must believe in ourselves, our soulmates, our families and our friends. But most of all, we must find peace amongst each other or we won't have a world to love or even to hate; we must all act quickly before it's much too late!


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