Meeki's Secret Friend: The Arctic Tales: Book 1

The Arctic Tales is a twelve book series beginning with the first book titled, "Meeki's Secret Friend." The Arctic Tales take place in the beautiful state of Alaska, in a make-believe neighborhood called "The Arctic Forest." The Arctic Forest is a community of animal neighbors who include Mr. Tugate, the owner and Master of an Alaskan Malamute family, where Meeki, the main character in this series, is the youngest dog in a family of five. Other neighborhood friends include the Moose family, the Arctic Fox family, the Eagle family, the Shrew family, where Meeki's best friend is Scruffy, a little neighborhood shrew, who is Meeki's constant companion and conscious voice, always talking, always worrying about something. Lastly, is the Arctic Wolf pack, who are the enemy of the Arctic Forest. These books are a series of adventures that speak loudly of eternal truths that endure from generation to generation. The audience can range from children as young as two or three who enjoy beautiful illustrations and shoret sentences to elementary children from kindergarden through the third grade, who enjoy reading exciting adventures with loveable characters.


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