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My Country, My Duty

This story is a work of fiction. It is based on the current events of the last eight years inside the United States and other countries. The main protagonist, John Braz, is a retired army officer and CIA operative. He operates a company called the Guardian Co. The cover for this undercover operation is that it supplies bodyguards for heads of state, CEOs of large corporations, and anyone willing to pay for such security. The greatest asset of this company is their ability to work undercover and below the radar of any government, for stealth is one of their best assets. They work with the military, the CIA, and any other intelligence unit that needs operations off the books and can't let the White House or State Department in on their dirty little secrets. John's two main assets are Mary Ann Orielly, a red-haired vixen, and her lifelong friend Ann Marie Casey, another raven-haired beauty. Both are brilliant, athletic, talented, and sexy. The secretive work takes these operatives to almost every corner of the globe. The pulsating covertness of romance felt by all parties keeps readers guessing who is going to end up in bed with whom, depending on the time and situation. To complicate things, John has been the fiance of Ms. Laura Diskin, the deputy director of the CIA, for over ten years.
The mission at this time is to eradicate as much corruption and treasonous activity going on in the federal government as possible. The mission is bankrolled by a secret slush fund of the army and the CIA. This is to be accomplished using any means necessary, including omega (deadly force). This all has to be accomplished without the general populace knowing that these scurrilous senators, congressmen and congresswomen, and White House staffers are to be eliminated. John, his two amazing girls, and his support staff truly are super patriots providing the mantle of safety, security, and freedom instilled in the hearts and minds of the citizens of our country.


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