My Emerald City

"They said I was born with alcoholism, that it's my families disease and since I have it, there's no gettin' rid of it. Certain life events can trigger it or arrest it. My stage was set from birth and I'd have to run and try not to die for sixteen years. I never thought finding a simple key would change everything, but it did."

Beneath Seattle's gray skies and emerging grunge era, a runaway subculture has taken root in the shadows of the city. A time before Amber alerts and mind-numbing technology, kids roam the streets relatively unnoticed. They dress in black, call trailer parks and abandoned buildings "home" and without consciously knowing it, form the undulating engine that is Seattle's rising music scene. There are no rules for these outcasts and it's this antisocial lifestyle that makes them perfect prey for a serial killer.

Inspired by actual events, "My Emerald City," is the story of an abandoned child's struggle with substance abuse and her brush with the most prolific serial killer in American history.


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