My Journey, My Salvation

My Journey, My Salvation
I was born in 1953.
When I was a little girl, I was so loved. I remember my mother calling me her Ginger Cookies. I loved that. My mother would hold me on her lap and talk sweetly to me.
In 1960, my mother stopped loving me. I never knew why or what I did.

A New Literary Voice
A child is forced to face a stark realization. Everything she knew about family is suddenly transformed and has become a struggle of survival.

Author Joy Miller's autobiography is a seemingly epic story presented through narratives, dreams, poetry, and scripture. Her story reveals how the challenges come quickly and are unforgiving-the loss of family and trust, discovering her talents, kissing her dead infant goodbye, reconciling her anger at God, temptation and sexuality, learning to fight for her life, discovering true love, and the search for truth and reconciliation.

I wrote this book because I needed to make sense of the things I've experienced-fear loneliness, abandonment, physical abuse, and loss. I came to realize how Christ played a part in everything I've done from early childhood to the woman I am today.

Cover photography by David Miller
Joy Miller's coat designed by Stella McCartney


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