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Power Tripping Leads to No Justice, Only Just-Us

"If you're looking for justice, that's just what you'll find - just us." -Richard Pryor

This book is about racism and abuse in the criminal justice penal system in Connecticut. The story line is about abusive and racist treatment against one African American man who was incarcerated for crimes that he committed in society. This man suffered from a medical condition that caused him to suffer with blackouts and it was during these incidents that this man was assaulted and abused.
In spite of starting a letter-writing campaign to seek assistance, this man was unable to obtain any type of legal assistance for the crimes being committed against him by prison guards who are now called police. These crimes were committed over a ten-year period. This inmate suffered from grand mal seizures which contributed to him having blackouts. (Grand mal seizures are caused by abnormal electrical activity throughout the brain. Most of the time grand mal seizures are caused by epilepsy).
This man was assaulted by state correctional staff during these episodes and then would be given trumped up charges (i.e. assault on a correctional officer) to justify the abuses he suffered by staff. He was once informed by another inmate that, in his opinion, they were really trying to kill him. This happened in one of the most racist prisons in Connecticut, which is Cheshire Correctional Institution.
This man would wake up with black eyes, busted lips, and missing teeth. One time he woke up in the medical unit with the whole right side of his face swollen and his eye swollen shut. He thought it was from the seizures or blackouts only to find out that he was being assaulted by the correction officers.
In another incident, he was incarcerated in Bridgeport Community Correctional Institute. While being processed, he informed the medical staff that he needed to ensure that they understood the importance of giving him his seizure medication. This man informed the nurse that if he did not have this medication he would have a seizure. Well, even though he stressed the importance of having his medications, the medications were stopped and he suffered a grand mal seizure and woke up with eighteen stitches in his head.
The goal of this book is to bring to the forefront the neglect and abuses that inmates suffer while supposedly being rehabilitated in the correctional system.


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