Rudy and Joey: Ordinary Children in an Extraordinary Time

Rudy: A story of two young people growing up starting in the early 1960's South. Rudy and her friend J.B. are both consoled and encouraged by the good people of all races that they meet. They are kind and polite for the most part, except J.B. He has a few people that he will not tolerate.
The amiable people, both black and white, are his friends, the rest are less than desirable to him, and he will be a troublemaker if encouraged.

Joey: Joey, like the many volunteers in a small community, just does what needs to be done. With him, it is for a different reason. All he wants is to challenge his enemy, FIRE! He is a young member of the volunteer fire department in his small town. His ambition lies with a larger department with more equipment and larger fires though.
Is he successful? As you read his story perhaps you will ask him. I hope you like the answer he provides.


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