Running With a Stethoscope: Looking for Love

When I was very young, I created a plan of what I wanted to do with my life and how that plan would be carried out. When I look at how my life turned out and what I accomplished, it does not resemble that grand plan of mine I created earlier. The lesson here is I just needed to place one foot in front of the other, keep my eyes open and follow the path. That is what led me to who I am today, and now I want to share it with you. As I progressed in my medical training, my family always enjoyed hearing about my experiences and encouraged me to put these experiences in writing. However, at the time, my work schedule was so heavy there was not enough time to do any writing. Since I retired from Medicine, I found the time needed to satisfy my family’s request. So here I put many vignette-type stories together about growing up as an only child, about discovering the truth about my sexuality, about experiences that occurred during and after my medical training and about conquering my quest to find that one true love. In doing so, I discovered how to decompartmentalize the many facets of my life and combine them into ‘my one big life’. I am greatly indebted to my family, friends, colleagues, patients and especially to Ron for all their love and support in helping me realize who I am and what I could accomplish.


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