Stop The Propaganda

Stop the propaganda!

If you don't control your environment, your environment will control you.

Throughout my twenty years as a gang specialist, I have met numerous law enforcement officers that have been assigned to gang-suppression units and have effectively disrupted and/or dismantled criminal enterprises. Within groups of gang cops, many retire after a twenty-plus-year career, and yet these criminal enterprises that recruit our youth, that hold our communities hostages continue to thrive and expand.

During his law enforcement career, Don Johnson excelled as a gang cop and helped mentor future gang cops within the state of New Jersey. What separates Don Johnson and makes him unique from the individuals that fade away into retirement is his drive to continue to educate and mentor. Don Johnson has unselfishly chosen to continue his crusade and focus on educating communities, families, and youth on the dangers of criminal street/prison gangs. Drawing from his personal experiences, Don Johnson effectively delivers a message of awareness and change to those eager to understand, as well as those that seek to change. Within his newest book, Stop the Propaganda, Don Johnson shares not only his experience and knowledge with the reader to give an understanding as to why people choose to join these gangs with all their deadly consequences but, more importantly, also his heartfelt commitment to being more than a gang cop.

Edwin L. Santana

National Gang Specialist

Founder and President of G-STEP, LLC.


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