Sylvan Elf Chronicles: Kaleen the Discovery: Book One

Is it legendary myths or memories clouded by the mists of time? Rumors that the prophesy for a powerful elven Grace's rebirth stirs more than just good fortune. Relief to all but one as his seething anger and murderous resentment rise like bitter bile from his first defeat to Lynerin. Sensing her rebirth, Nalas has sworn to hunt her down to kill her body and soul for good. So be it if the new being she chose dies as well. That was just gravy. He needed to find the book and the three talismen and destroy them before they could be united to end him forever.
At 18, Kaleen's dreams confuse her. Times and individuals she doesn't remember; but Lynerin does as she began to awaken within the young she-elf. Kaleen would now realize that her dreams were not dreams, but ancient memories. She scrambles to relearn Lynerin's old skills with blade and bow. The three talismen must reunite for the combined power to stop Nalas. Kaleen, another elf and a wise, battle worn widgeon must find and finally bring Nalas' reign of terror to an end or die trying.


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