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The Adventures of Rusty Lugnut

Ruth Blowers-Marquart has a love for children and childrens books. She also enjoys NASCAR, especially her favorite driver Ryan Newman. She decided to marry the two in a story about a lovable character named Rusty Lug Nut, who teaches a valuable lesson. Rusty looks different than the other lug nuts in the toolbox. He isnt shiny and new, but he is a vital part of the race team. He is a team player, and when he doesnt get chosen to help Ronnies wheels go round and round and faster and faster, he still cheers for the race car and the other lug nuts. This book is about racing, but also patience and acceptance, as well as team work.

Ruth is very proud to have her nephew Michael Penta on board as the books illustrator and creator of the Rusty character. He worked diligently to match picture to words and included some illustrations reminiscent of his grandparents (my parents) who have passed on but would be delighted to know of our labor of love.


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