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The Eleventh Plague

In 2006, the results of a vital experiment were stolen from a Russian laboratory. The man who held the secrets wound up in Beirut, where he was carried off his plane in an unconscious state and taken by Mossad agents to a mobile hospital in southern Israel. The author, Keith Midgen, has spun a tale of drama, violence, and love. A married couple one British, one American pretended to be something they were not. A young woman sought out the father she had never seen but, in a visit to a Bedouin village, found more. A barely sane German officer of the Lebanese intelligence service dreamed of a Fourth Reich so that the Holocaust could be replayed. When the Russian experiment took further shape in the hands of an Ashkenazi professor and his assistants, the story played out after the advent of the Lebanon/Israel war, which began with an attempted invasion by Hezbollah and Hamas Israels bitter foes.

The various characters involved were helping to prevent the war from expanding since Israel had already fought more than eight previous ones. In 1947, the UN General Assembly voted for the state of Israel to exist, but there were many who disagreed. The need for peace with Israels neighbors was strategically and morally important, but by 2006, no solution had been found. The time to make both sons of Abraham able to exist side by side was long overdue. When would it happen then or in the future?


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