The Heart of Tartarus

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Each planet in the solar system was named for a Roman god, and by extension, a Greek god as well. Was this just a few ancient astronomers honoring the ancient gods . . . or was it something else? Craig Driscoll, a forty-something-year-old history professor at Boston University discovers that it is the latter. The goddess Juno appears to him with a dilemma. The gods have taken to the heavens in a way no one could have predicted. They embodied the planets, and with them, their children did as well. This leaves Juno alone, without a planet of her own she cannot join her family, and so she points Craig to the deepest pit of the Underworld: Tartarus. Deep within is something that could help her create her own planet from scratch. Something that only Craig can reach, because he is the world's only living demigod. So Craig Driscoll, the atheist turned son of a god, travels where no mortal has ever set foot before, to the very heart of Tartarus.


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