The Magic Westinheimer Two- Musical Mayhem

The world of the Magic Westinheimer is growing by the moment. Laurel and her enchanted piano have accidently summoned a maniacal leprechaun named Mayhem. He steals her songbook which acts as a road map to magical realms and uses it to go on the ultimate crime spree that spans from the South American kingdom of gold, El Dorado, to the tombs of Ancient Egypt, to the distant future. Luckily, all of Laurel's friends are willing to help stop the leprechaun from his rampage. Tatanka is back, the time-shifting guardian cat who lives nine different lives at once. Daff, the work-a-holic fairy from the Black Forest and Houdini, the rhyming ferret are along for the ride as well. And last, but typically least, Kurt Westinheimer, the bumbling and clueless magician lends a helping hand.
Even with the aid of her friends, Laurel is outmatched at every turn because Mayhem is ruthless, cunning, and lives by almost no rules. He is armed with a bad temper, bad body odor, and a magic fiddle that causes as much trouble as Laurel's enchanted piano. Hold on tight for more fun, laughs, and action as the story truly begins to heat-up in this fast-paced adventure.
The Magic Westinheimer series is great for young readers, but it best when read aloud. It is packed with rhymes, songs, comedy, and tongue twisters that make your family's story time as magical as it should be.


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