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The Piggyback Flight Pilot's Journey

The airfield is quiet now! A warm breeze bends the grass that was
once moved by the engine of the flying fortresses. Seventy-four years
earlier, Glenn H. Rojohn would take off from Thorpe Abbotts and be
involved in an event that raises questions to this day!!!

The Piggyback Flight is the story of courage, heroism, and legend.

Michael Faley, 100th Bomb Group Historian

In early December 1944, flight engineer T/Sgt Conley Culpepper flew
aboard "The Little Skipper" for the fourth and final time. His 100th
Bomb Group was headed to Berlin, again.

Seventy years later, in a college aviation-science classroom, his
namesake grandson discussed the remarkable airmanship that kept
two conjoined B-17s, "The Little Skipper" and "Nine Lives," in the air
on the final day of December 1944.

The skills, discipline, and selfless actions of Glenn H Rojohn and
William Leek saved many lives. Their example for young pilots is not
lost to history.

Chip Culpepper, 100th Bomb Group Foundation Board Director

Events of survival like the Piggyback occurred during WWII. The
bravery and sacrifice that the 100th Bomb Group endured needs to be
told so future generations can learn from these men.

Dan Rosenthal, President of 100th Bomb Group Foundation and son
of "Rosie" Rosenthal.


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