The Rapture, Fiction or Reality?

I was born in Wilmington, Delaware. 1the late 1960's my mother became a widow, at age six, she moved to Puerto Rico with the family. I was raised in a country house under extreme economic limitations. In high school a friend of mine introduced me to the salvation plan and to Jesus as savior. I moved on the college and completed a degree in health science. I also completed a three-year biblical / theology seminar with the Assembles of God in Puerto Rico. In 1991 I moved back to the states to practice my career. Ever since having this life changing experience with the Lord I have understood the need to live, cultivate and practice my faith in every aspect of my life. I strongly believe I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this book to alert the unbeliever and to encourage Christians to self-examine their Christian lives so they can live a placing life to the Lord, as I believe, the Rapture though seems a fictional concept it is on its way to become a fact that will rock the core of our days. Those ready will be part of an exclusive group of believers chosen by the Lord himself!


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