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The Sambo Tree

Nick, the Man-of-War, a real crime fighter, an American hero that stands his ground against all types of crime, criminals, and acts against big business corruption for all people.

Master Nick - Never has there been a man more tested than him. He dedicated his whole life to helping other people. When you are willing to take a stand for others as well as yourself, you should be prepared to be scrutinized and attacked personally by private entities, corrupt big business as well as corrupt law. They will wiretap your automobile with listening devices, sabotage your bank accounts, make threats towards your wife and kids, and use anyone who is willing to take a dollar to commit a criminal act or illegal attack against you and your family. Everybody hates a strong, outspoken man that will stand his ground for right or the wrongs done to others. They will stab you in the back, shoot you, set you on fire, or even horsewhip you if they can. They will even compromise your pastor at church, as well as any other church member who is willing to sell their soul to the devil. A real hypocrite will run back to somebody in church and act as if they are a real angel, when in fact they are the walking, living devil - self-centered and only willing to do something if it benefits them. A treacherous person will steal a dollar from a baby.


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