To Succeed in Life, Trust No One!

John was a blind man who could not see the ups and downs of life. With the help of Jamila, his closest friend and confidant, he learned how to open his eyes and see that who or what you believe is acceptable may not necessarily be trustworthy.

We are taught to be cautious of strangers at an early age; however, we do learn eventually to live and work together throughout our lives. This book is intended to be one's guardian or eye-opener, aimed at those who take everything for granted in life and fall asleep along the way.

John, an immigrant who came to the United States of America, to achieve everyone's dream of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," encountered several obstacles along the way, including while in high school abroad, in college in America, at work, and in love. Each experience taught him to recognize true friendships apart from false ones by being alert and active to determine whatever steps are necessary to succeed in life by going in the right direction, which, according to Jamila, is "TTBL" or to "think, talk, and behave in righteousness and love, love, love."


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