Unbridled is a unique no-holds-barred perspective of life and what comes after. When diagnosed with a terminal illness, a flood of questions enters your mind. For each question, for each thought, there is an infinite number of responses. This book offers a glimpse, a kaleidoscope perspective, at the many ways to approach and interpret each one. It's a collection of poems. It's a story. It's my story, it's your story, and it begins and ends on every page. Come with me on this journey. Stay neither a step ahead nor a step behind. I promise no definitive answers for the here and now. I claim no proof of what is to come. I give no guarantee of the security of any particular direction. What I do offer you is an atlas of the many, many crossroads and off streets that create the map of life, scribed before you like an aerial view of your own home town, suddenly illuminated by a plethora of city lights. You will have no choice but to choose your own path. Follow the point of the compass till you encounter your own true north. I assure you of this: If you keep an open mind and a receptive heart ... wherever that road leads you ... it's going to be a wild ride.


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