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Who Do You Know...Really

Who Do You Know . . . Really, is a story about psychologist Samantha Blakeslee, who decides to go on vacation to ease the anguish over the breakup from the love of her life. Hoping to escape the sadness and loneliness of being single, Samantha heads to her hometown of Destin, Florida, with a cast of characters whom she gets to know more intimately than she expects. The relationship dynamics of the people staying in the beach house becomes an intricate puzzle once someones life is threatened. Instead of the much-needed serenity and relaxation from the majestic white beaches, Samantha winds up having to psychoanalyze the houseguests to determine who could be psychologically unstable. Sam pairs up with an old love interest who now is a detective in Destin. The attraction between Detective Jake Johnson and Samantha is still palpable yet quickly becomes business when duty calls. One of the vacationers finds herself in a deadly situation, and Samantha helps to investigate if this was an accident, a crime of passion, jealousy, or hatred. Samantha went on vacation questioning how well she really knew her boyfriend; now shes questioning how well the beach house crew know each other.


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