Freedom Because of the Brave

Book 3 of the Patriots Abound: Freedom Because of the Brave

John Braz and supersecret Guardian Co. are again called upon by the CIA and US Army. They are a very hush-hush committee that investigates domestic terrorism.

The committee headed by Army Lieutenant General Earl McNabb and Deputy Director of the CIA, Laura Diskin have come across information, linking certain members of the House, the Senate, the FBI, and eventually, leading up to the White House.

Braz and his devoted group of patriots—including the incredibly and brilliant ladies, Ann Marie Casey, Mary Ann Orielly, plus the ex-Delta Force troopers, e-geeks, and other clandestine operatives—travel throughout the United States and around the globe, tracking down drug dealers, terrorists, money launderers, and deranged scientists intent on destroying the constitution and the peaceful lives of millions of Americans home and abroad. The unavoidable and sexual encounters by all the main characters bring a certain amount of humanity, discipline, and normalcy to the complex lives of this brave group.


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