Most Famous Not Yet Known

What I want you to know about me is Act I is not nearly as glamorous
as Act II. I am really versatile! I am certainly driven! I am absolutely
multitalented! I promise to be controversial! Most of all, I promise to
be honest!

It is Mr. Barry Gorde who gave me the audacity to believe, I could
build my own record label. Mr. Smokey Robinson led me to the
strength and ability, that I could be an electrifying songwriter.
Now I have written song lyrics for almost 30 years in seven genres
of music. All yet to be published. (I am sure you can do the math).
Although, if you can believe it. The best is yet to come. TURN UP

I write comedy also!

Clearly, there is not necessarily any “magic” involved. It took me 18
long years. To land a dream career. The evidence is, you are reading
this book right now.

That is Gijé Westbrook!

These are 7 Gijé Rules!
1. If you don’t trust God, it wn’t matter!
2. If you don’t have direction, your already in trouble!
3. If you don’t have hustle – “Really”!
4. If you don’t try harder than hard, that’s a shame!
5. If we wake-up tomorrow, we can start all over again!
6. If you don’t reach out, you cannot touch!
7. If you don’t care, who will care! Seriously!


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