Sylvan Elf Chronicles Journey for Survival - Messengers of Fate: Book Two

The time for training is over and the toughest journey of Kaleen’s life must begin. Kaleen and Bertie both sense they must leave Silvarnon quicker than anticipated. The push was accelerated on the eve of Kaleen’s departure from Silvarnon with a blinding mental pain almost bringing Kaleen and all other surviving Graces to their knees announcing Nalas’ forced soul switch.They soon strike out on the path to track down and put an end Nalas.

The soul switch cost a young man his body and almost his life, but Matt’s will is stronger than Wargi witchcraft and his courage to get the message out flies with Darius and a town friend to Kaleen regarding Nalas’s new look.

Kaleen’s trip is anything but smooth as they run into and battle with more than just Lorkian troops, they also must outrun a fell beast with capabilities never seen by Telasar or Bertie. The beast tries to ambush them before they reach the ancient bridge crossing a large chasm and causes a split they must also deal with.

Darius pushes his boundaries and his father as he tries to deal with his own deep feelings of what he must do to help his sister and keep her safe.

Nalas himself has begun his campaign, but finds himself bested by a young soldier who walks away from him and Nalas becomes obsessed with finding that soldier, especially since it was a woman. He experiences emotions he’s never felt before.


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