The Transition of Power: From Men to Women

The author has spent years and countless hours collecting information and interviewing people from all walks of life to put this book together. Many will find it informative, compelling, controversial, and even provocative.
Informative. On reading this book, we guarantee you will find information you would never have given a second thought to. For instance, how many of us know that it is written: "The man is the head of the house"? No matter how society views it, a family is not complete without a father figure.
Compelling. Some will find it compelling when they get to the heart of it, after finding out that we are dealing with topics of interest, whether it be relationship, our children, the issue of black vs. white-the problems the blacks are having with our police force and even our religions.
Controversial. Because of the text containing topics such as our men and women. Would you like to know what is happening between our men and women? Go inside, where you will decide whether you agree with our finding or not. We attached a little humor for those who have an appetite for it.
Provocative. When all is read and realize what has been said about the different topics-what caused the rift between our men and our women, the friction in the black communities, the uprising of our children, the rift in religions, and even the denominations in the Christian religion.


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