Walking on Mars II: Returning to the Red Planet

In the year 2042, Captain Stan Rhodes returns to planet Mars with a fresh crew and resumes exploring a region called the Cydonia Complex. Investigating architectural wonders from an ancient civilization, they revisit a magnificent five-sided pyramid discovered on the first mission and survey its subterranean passageways. When searching for the ruins of a city called Gaugamar forever buried in the sand, the team is asked by mission planners to penetrate the outer shell of another monument. This leads to them breaching a burial shrine from an older kingdom built for a monarch named Nemnasu. Within the funerary chamber of this monument, they encounter an extraordinary life force, and a text explains how this entity, comprised of a mass of energy, came to be interned in the tomb. The mission is further threatened when one of the team contracts an ancient disease. Coping with horrifically monstrous changes in this individual's physiology causes this crewmember to become mentally deranged, and in this altered state, this person is soon no longer recognized as human, but is seen as something entirely different.

Come and join this crew of five as they make new discoveries while struggling to survive on the red planet.

This book is the second in a series by David Gatesbury and is preceded by Walking on Mars: A Journey to the Red Planet. Click here to check out the first book in this series!


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