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The staff at Fulton books was very professional. My publication specialist Andrew answered all my questions promptly and thoroughly. The editors and designers did a great job and the book came out beautiful. I was very satisfied.

Maureen Slater - "Snowflake and Flame, A Tale Of two Mustangs"

Andrew, thank you for your kind message. I have enjoyed working with you and wish we could continue, however we must move on. I wish you the very best in your future involvements. I am happy for you, but sorry for losing a friend. I believe my book has a message for our country as a sustaining democratic republic, but I am sorry that people have not been attracted to it. I guess if I had the money to invest heavily in a promoting it I may have some success realized, but I do not have the money. If you were ever wanted a professional reference, I would be happy to prepare one for you. May your future be a ray of sunshine brightening each of your days with professional success, and personal desires of yours.

Paul Constant, Jr. - "Reveille"

I recently wrote my first book and used the independent publisher, Fulton Books, located in Meadville, PA. What an amazing experience. They were great, and I learned so much. I first spoke with Sean, who spent a lot of his valuable time patiently answering my many basic questions about how publishing is done. Later I worked with Publication Agent Andrew, who was just as patient and helpful. They were kind, supportive and gave good advice. I couldn't have asked for a better team and I hope to work with them again in the future. Got a book you want to publish? This is the company you need!

Marie Skrobak - "The Secret Language of Trees"

I had a wonderful experience working with Fulton Books as this is my first time publishing a book of my own. The staff at Fulton staff showed me the ropes and helped me have a sense of clarity. As I prepared each chapter for publication. I did most of the contact via email but anytime I called my assistant she was able to return my call immediately. My assistant was Kristy- she was wonderful and attentive to my needs as an author.

Tishina Jackson - "Chronicles of Baby Love Taylor"

I'm very happy in the choice I made with Fulton Books. All of them are very polite and courteous, and they help you "step by step" to get your Book published. I would definitely recommend Fulton Books to anyone seeking to be an author.

Ty Humburd - "The Prey of Mantis"

I have enjoyed working with Fulton Books on the publication of my book. The staff has been patient and very cooperative during the process. I especially want to thank Kristy, my assistant who explained everything so that I could understand clearly. Thanks again. Great company!

Mina Dawes - "On the Dixie"

Fulton books has met my expectations a publisher. The associate assigned to me was cooperative, timely and efficient. She coordinated well the work with others to get out the product. I do not hesitate to recommend Fulton Books. The process from beginning to end met schedule. Whenever I requested a change in the book presentation it was done with dispatch and in order.

Michael Merhige - "Thoughtful Pauses: A Political Philosophy"

I am very happy and grateful for the services that have been provided to me. It's an incredible experience to have finally see my book come to fruition because of Fulton Books!

Bernadette Rivas Soto - "My Journey Off the Beaten Path: The Quest for My Roots, from Spain to the Philippines"

I just want to say thank you to the staff at Fulton Book who have been very courteous and efficient. I am truly satisfied with the finished product (book) which I think is of the highest quality. They indeed turn my daughter's dream into a reality. Ms. Kristy has made the experience into an unforgettable one. She provided excellent customer service throughout the process and she was patient and quick to respond to all our questions and concerns. Kudos to all the staff at Fulton Books.

Courtney Stewart - "The Friend I Never Wanted"

For once in my life I am ALMOST left wordless to describe a most positive experience with an organization where all went according to the plan that was put before me before starting this venture on March 1st of this year. I give sole credit for this accomplishment to Kristy, the publication assistant assigned to me and my book. I was most fortunate to have this remarkable person assigned to guide me through the myriad of new experiences encountered in the world of book publishing. Her ability to bridge the expansive generational gap between us and be able to communicate on a level that I could understand with the new age technical techniques via computer, authors portal, publishing protocol, etc. was exceptional and a tribute to her dedication and communication skills. She never failed to respond in real time to the many emails and telephone questions, however redundant they were as I now look back. In closing I would like to let her management staff know that in my opinion she is a shining example of the standards I would set if building or running a business venture in todays' world. Ms. Kristy is definitely a positive asset to Fulton books. She has a mighty strong work ethic and genuine empathy for staying focused on the job and author assigned, despite the hurdles and hoops she must jump through to make someone's dream come true. KUDOS TO ALL!

Charles Brown - "Ramblings"

Being this was my first book, I had many doubts about the business as well as the process. Is Fulton a legit business? Would they become overwhelmed with the many questions I had? Were questions I asked myself. But my consultant Andrew was simply amazing, patient with me, and encouraging throughout this entire process. I'm glad I chose Fulton to publish my first work of art now Fate is complete, released, and well put together. Thanks to everyone from the Fulton company involved in the making of my book Fate I am overjoyed but most of all satisfied. Thank you

Lamont McGee - "Free Da King Fate"

Fulton books has been a pleasure to be a part of. Every step was completed on the rough time that was outlined by Kristy and she always got back with any corrections right away. If my book sells, I know I'll be back with more. Thank you, Fulton Books, your company is on top!

Richard Heinreich - "Day of the Cross"

I was very fortunate to have an amazing publisher assistant. Her name is Kristy B*****. She is very efficient, genuinely caring and a very hard worker. She truly wants you to be happy with what could be a stressful experience. I'm submitting another book and will be honored if she would be there for me again.

Debbie Cocchiola - "Nick the Chick"

I am most satisfied with Fulton Books because they never over-promised and have always tried to meet our aspirations. It is a solid relationship with we, the authors, doing the writing as expected and Fulton personnel meeting their commitments. A question below asks whether we would recommend Fulton to anyone. We have already recommended the company and we understand a relationship has been established.

Jeffrey Lazarow - "A Life Experience As No Other: Dare to Seize the Day Together"

Fulton books has been there every step of the way, I have learned patience and that it's better to take your time and do it right than to get in a hurry and not have It end up as perfect as I think my book is as I hold it in my hands in print. Thank You Fulton Books for all your help with my book.

Kenneth Roller - "Life Through the Poetic Eyes of a Jockey"

My book, recently published by Fulton Books, tells the trajectory of the Sepharadim expelled from Spain in 1492. I confess that I was afraid to send my manuscript in July 2016 because I am Brazilian, and the work has been translated from Portuguese into English. However, I soon realized that I was in a serious and professional environment. After signing the contract, I began to communicate directly to a very demanding and helpful assistant editor. She was always by my side throughout the process of revision and correction of style required by the work. After seven months, the book was published in the print and digital versions. When I received the first copies shipped to Brazil I hesitated to open the box delivered by mail. The quality of the edition, however, exceeded my expectations. All my friends and people from the Jewish Community loved it as well. I'm sure readers will also enjoy this story of struggle, faith, and endurance. I thank the Fulton team especially Kristy for her patience and professionalism.

Paulo Carneiro - "Dutch Connection: The Jewish Saga from Spain to America"

I am a new author who just had my first book published by Fulton Books Publishing Company. I want to share a positive review. From start to finish my experience was enjoyable and quite fulfilling as we went step-by-step through the full book editing, cover design, and publishing process. I shared what I desired, and it was produced by the Art Design Department. I am greatly pleased with the end result in my first book. I enjoyed working with my Publication Assistant. I would request her again to assist me with my next upcoming book.

Gail Ruffin - "United with the Spirit of Life"

My experience with Fulton was wonderful! They certainly lived up to everything they promised. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.

Marcie Layton - "Terwilligers Adventure"

I had Kristy as my contact person and my experience with her has been smooth and pleasant. She was always prompt in replying to my queries and was very professional in her conduct with me.

E. Mei Shen - "A Tale Out of Season"

Fulton Books and Kristy have been terrific. My first book is beautiful! I couldn't be happier.

Jane Desrosiers - "Gone Fishing: The Hook"

Working with Fulton books has been an exceptional experience for me. They went far above what I expected of them. They were professional on every level and stayed true to their promise of keeping me informed during every step of the entire process. They did not move forward on any process without my review and approval of each step. I was elated with the finished product. I am very glad that I chose Fulton Books to send my manuscript to. I look forward to working with them again on my next book and I have already recommended them to other authors.

Ada C. Conway - "Raising God's Children"

From the beginning of my book project with Fulton Books I have been so impressed with their professionalism regarding my ideas, the editing process and, so important, the carry-through to production. I am happy to have chosen Fulton over more traditional, but less accessible publishing options.

Kathryn Karrer - "The Last Song of Albi"

Anyone planning to publish their book must contact Fulton Books. I published my book- a story of transplant- through Fulton Books and it was a fantastic experience. They stayed in contact with me through all parts of the process. They worked with me to produce a cover that was exactly what I wanted. They are top notch in my book.

Larry Booth - "Catching Our Breath: A Story of Transplant"

As a new, and previously unpublished author, I would like to commend Fulton Books for all of the assistance they rendered me in helping me to publish my book. I waited many years before attempting to write this true account of my child's adoption from Russia, although I was encouraged by many people to do so after they heard the story. When I finally decided to give it a try, I searched the internet to try and find a publishing house that felt not only comfortable to me but had a reputation for helping authors get their works published. I had a very competent publication assistant, Kristy, who was with me from the beginning of the process to the end. I felt the most difficult part of the process was editing, but with the help of the Fulton editors, the book was completed on time and I am very satisfied with the results. I would encourage any author, first timer or experienced, to give Fulton Books a try. They are truly a professional organization and will be in your corner all the way. Thanks Fulton Books.

Frederick Ragsdale - "From Russia with Lev"

Working with Kristi has been a pleasure. I was a practicing attorney for over 40 years, until I retired and found a new "profession." She has made the experience, from beginning to end, enjoyable, and simple, explaining in detail what needed to be done and why. She was extremely easy to communicate with, and if I had an issue or problem and contacted her about it, she was quick to respond. All in all, I don't intend on having anyone other than Fulton publish any of the number of novels I intend on publishing in the coming years.

Jeffrey Millhollin - "Out of Reach"

I am so grateful to Fulton books for believing in me. My book is being well received and I have had many compliments on it. My only wish is that I run out of books and have to order more. Thank you, Fulton books, for making my dream come true. Will I be publishing another book with Fulton books? Definitely!

June Phyllis Baker - "See-more's Big Adventure"

I want to share my unsolicited review with authors searching for a publisher. Based on recent experience, I firmly contend, authors need look no farther than Fulton Books. The contract is unusually author centered, there is no fine print, they provide every service that appears on their brochures; most importantly, they will deliver you a product of the highest quality that you can be proud of and your readers will admire.

Blaine Greer - "Willow Sieve Chronicles - Eavesdropping from the Wilderness"

Growing up as a child I have always dreamed about doing something special in literature. Fulton Books has made my dream come true and gave me the greatest gift anyone could imagine, publishing my first novel. The staff at Fulton Books worked with me from day one until my book was published, I want to say thank you. I would highly recommend Fulton Book to each and every one who is novice writer to professional because they actually stand behind their service.

Larry Johnson - "Emutate"

Being a first-time writer, I was hesitant about selecting a publisher, but I must say, Fulton Books has delivered on every aspect of the publishing adventure. I couldn't be more pleased. A special thanks to Andrew, who has been so faithful in communicating, answering every question and guiding me through the process.

Jerry Green - "Stealing Dawn"

I would like to thank Fulton Books for helping me achieve a dream. A dream I did not even consider of following until I was encouraged to do so, and they helped bring it to life. I would definitely release another book with them again.

Alejandro Gonzalez Arriaga - "Uprising: Shadow's Origins"

From the beginning of my experience at Fulton Books I have been delighted. Everyone has been helpful and professional and personally caring. Kristy has been my go-to person, and she is wonderful! I am so very glad that I found Fulton Books, and I plan to continue writing and using this publisher as my publisher. I highly recommend that anyone wanting to publish do the same.

Mary Weiss - "A Rose Is Never Just a Rose in Fairytales"

I am honored and excited to be represented by Fulton Books. I cannot wait to have them publish my second book. Thank you so much.

Michael Flynn - "Confessions of a Mob Hitman"

I am extremely proud of all the efforts and hard work that was performed in the publication of "All Red." The professionalism and care taken to make this a reality could not have been possible, otherwise, without the diligence and understanding of such a collection of poems and art, without Fulton Books. I shall be forever grateful and have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Fulton Books to anyone and everyone seeking publication.

Gregory Stone - "All Red"

I had no idea of what to expect as this was my first publishing experience. I spoke personally with my Publication Assistant and he assured me he would be with me at every step. He was and it made me feel very comfortable throughout the publication process. He always answered when I called or within minutes phoned back if I missed him. I really wish to give much credit to the cover design department for the absolute "genius" cover that was made for my book...I was elated! I recommend Fulton Books to everyone.

J. Charles Egan - "The Lords of September"

The cooperative spirit of the team and allowing the author to express himself is what impresses me the most at Fulton Books. The publishing process was a success and I would do it again.

Konan Kouakou - "Relationship Unwrapped"

I am so very pleased with everything Fulton Books has done from beginning to end. I appreciate everything. I am so excited!

Lula M. Jones - "My Test Turned into a Testimony"